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Electronic Health Records

The Patient Note:

Notes can be generated quickly using exam templates of your repetitive exams. TIMS loads your practice standard ROS and PFSH values, to allow entry of these items to the note with a few clicks. Any prior note can be viewed instantly. New notes can be created from existing notes with ease. E&M coding levels and documentation bullets can be viewed quickly at any point during note generation.  

Careplan Oversight:

Allows the provider to quickly document the CPO subject and minutes. An Inquiry / Report is available, at any time that shows status of each patient(s) CPO with minutes accumulated to date. Billings are generated automatically using ranking of chronic conditions from the last note.


Orders for Labs, X-rays, evalutations, DME, etc can be ordered. The system allows viewing of items not ordered and reviewed. All orders can be faxed or emailed directly from the system depending on the vendors preference.

Staff Notes:

Notes can be composed to and from anyone in the Practice. Notes flagged as alerts will be brought to attention of the receiver at login.

Synchronize Database:

Allows remote users such as satellite offices or mobile providers to have total access to patient records without being connected to a main database, synchronization is thru date stamp of last sync, over the internet using full encryption.


Schedules can be viewed for (1) thru (5) days at a time. For large groups, patients can be assigned to care groups which are comprised of multiple providers. View can be set to view all patients assigned to a care group. Schedule reports and missed appointment reports are available for viewing or printing. Mobile Doctor(s), Appointments are presented with maps and driving instructions optimized for shortest distance.